Are Congressional Reps ready to pull the plug on crazy Donald Trump?

In mid-December, I predicted that Congressional Republicans would continue to put up with the embarrassment of Donald Trump until they got the two things they cared about most: a pro-business, anti-regulation Supreme Court pick and another massive tax cut for their super-rich benefactors. Faced with daily reminders of Trump’s abject unfitness for the Presidency, they appeared to be hanging on to the 2012 guidance of their spiritual leader Grover Nordquist: Continue reading


Why the Senate could not find one more Republican vote against Betsy DeVos

Republicans have always been good at discipline. Right now they are being assaulted by an angry public on all sides and their only defensive strategy is to huddle together and wait for the storm to blow over. They allowed Collins and Murkowski to have their little rebellion, because they knew they could absorb it. But the next defector would have mattered greatly. And they kept their gang in line. Continue reading

An open letter to Trump voters: It’s about time to get rid of Republicans … for good

Dear Trump voters,

Greetings from Deep Blue California, where we have the highest state taxes in the nation, the highest tax rate on millionaires, subsidized healthcare for 12 million poor Californians, guaranteed equal pay for women and men, the strongest environmental and anti-pollution regulations in the country, the strictest laws protecting public health and the state’s natural resources, and wide-ranging rights, benefits, and protections for undocumented immigrants.

Sounds like an economic and cultural nightmare, doesn’t it? Continue reading