Are Congressional Reps ready to pull the plug on crazy Donald Trump?

In mid-December, I predicted that Congressional Republicans would continue to put up with the embarrassment of Donald Trump until they got the two things they cared about most: a pro-business, anti-regulation Supreme Court pick and another massive tax cut for their super-rich benefactors. Faced with daily reminders of Trump’s abject unfitness for the Presidency, they appeared to be hanging on to the 2012 guidance of their spiritual leader Grover Nordquist: Continue reading


Trump vs. the US Congress: Two branches of government or one?

The Republican Party that now controls Congress has been fundamentally altered by the Trump victory. This is often forgotten these days as the pundit class focuses its attention on the dire predicament of the Democratic Party. But the reality of the election is that the Republican Establishment is now a head without a body, and the Republican electorate, which the Party has been exploiting against its better economic interests for decades, is now headed by Donald Trump. Continue reading