Patrioptics is an ongoing journal of observations, concerns, facts, fears, and predictions about America and the world, in and beyond the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Never before has America elected anyone remotely like Trump, an individual who combines clinical narcissism, vast ignorance, intellectual complacency, a record of business dishonesty and failure, pathological lying, authoritarianism,  impulsiveness,  immorality, racism, sexual predation, and an apparently unquenchable thirst for vengeance. But it is important not to forget that Hillary Clinton had, you know, that email server.

This blog is as much a therapeutic exercise as an effort to absorb and learn from what may be the greatest natural political science experiment ever conducted. We have already seen many firmly-held beliefs shattered by a presidential campaign in which all the above attributes were thoroughly exposed and documented, but still resulted in the defeat of a candidate who was infinitely better qualified, spent more money, mounted more and better advertising, had the support of vastly superior and popular surrogates, and led in public opinion polling virtually from day one. Yet overwhelming money failed. Advertising dominance failed. Endorsements failed. Vastly superior ground game failed. Evidence of disgusting sexual behavior failed. Polling failed. Against all odds, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America.

What new firmly-held beliefs will come crashing down in the age of Trump? What will we learn about the Presidency and our country as we watch a President who is, by all accounts and all reasonable judgment, wholly unfit to hold the office? Let’s start putting the pieces together.