Who Ya Gonna Believe? Me or Documented Reality?

mad-trumpWe are about to launch into a new episode of “He Said, He Said,” as deep thinking pundits and talking heads attempt to decide whether to believe the word of President of the United States Donald Trump or that of former Director of the FBI James Comey.

The latter is a distinguished law enforcement professional who apparently takes extensive notes to make sure he remembers the facts of every encounter correctly. The former changes his stories faster than mothers change their babies’ diapers.

As a public service to those who might be weighing the question of which of these men to believe, I herewith provide a short list of recent press articles that discuss the truthfulness propensities of each.

A few recent articles discussing Donald Trump’s propensity to lie:

5/19/17 Why Trump Lies

5/17/17 We Overanalyze Trump

5/11/17 The Easy Tells of Comey’s Canning

5/9/17 Donald Trump Is Lying Again, Now About James Comey

4/24/17 Donald Trump Claims Top Democrat Told Him He Would Be ‘One Of The Great Presidents.’ Not Quite.

4/3/17 Why Trump Lies

4/2/17 Our Dishonest President

3/22/17 Read President Trump’s Interview With TIME on Truth and Falsehoods

3/20/17 Trump’s Method, Our Madness

3/6/17 Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted – but may backfire bigly

2/25/17 5 Distinct Ways the Trump Presidency is Rotting Americans’ Brains

2/10/17 Am I Imagining This?

2/10/17 The Madness of King Donald

2/8/17 Trump understands what many miss: people don’t make decisions based on facts

2/4/17 Can Trump Tell the Difference Between Truth and His Lies?

2/3/17 The Deep Denialism of Donald Trump

1/28/17 The Perils of Calling Trump a Liar

1/25/17 Trump’s Lies vs. Your Brain

1/24/17 Trump’s disregard for the truth threatens his ability to govern

1/23/17 Donald Trump follows a simple strategy to take over the truth

1/20/17 Lest We Forget: The Birther Lie

1/18/17 Truth in the Age of Trump

1/18/17 In a Regime of Lies

12/28/16 Donald Trump’s War Against Facts

12/15/16 Donald Trump’s Alt-Reality

12/12/16 Donald Trump Is Twisting The Facts To An Orwellian Degree

12/5/16 Interviewers cannot let Trump’s lies fly by

A few recent press articles discussing James Comey’s propensity to lie:

Still looking.

Summary: What we have here is a case of “crazy … nut job” vs. … James Comey. It will be interesting to watch Trump supporters and White House spokespersons try to convince us that we should always give the President of the United States the benefit of the doubt, because he’s, you know, the President.

And just ignore the fact that he is a well-practiced, unrepentant, pathological, serial liar who just happens to be President of the United States …. at least for now.

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