Comment on Roger Cohen, “Streep vs. Trump for America”

A reply to New York Times opinion column by Roger Cohen, January 10, 2017.

I would like us to reflect for a moment on Meghan McCain’s comment that Ms. Streep should realize that exercises of free speech like hers are “how Trump won.” That really sends shivers down my spine. Ms. McCain’s father was humiliated by Trump’s cruelty and brutishness just as publicly as Mr. Kovaleski was. Would she want us to remain silent about that despicable behavior simply to avoid the backlash of Trump’s minions?

Who are these people who would punish us with “more Trump” if we dare to call out abhorrent behavior — which is now being copied and inflicted on our children across our nation’s school yards every day? Has our civic society become so debased that some of us can’t tell the difference between courage and brutishness anymore, and so are perfectly happy to shout down the former and raise up the latter for all to adore? We must never be afraid to speak out for decency and civility.

If we’re going to have a culture war of common respect vs. insult and thuggery, let’s not back down from the fight. And I want to be on Ms. Streep’s side.

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