Donald Trump’s Tower of Vulnerability – Introduction

Intelligence agencies all over the world, both allies and adversaries, are putting the final touches on their psychological profiles of the next new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Dossiers are being prepared, public and clandestine information sources are being combed and collated, and leaders are being briefed by their best psychological profilers. What are they being told?

Donald Trump may be unique among world leaders in that he has left an extremely long, dense,  and revealing trail of statements and behaviors in the public record, very little of which paints a very pretty picture. Unlike most public figures, who meticulously curate their personal lives to present an image of thoughtfulness, personal integrity, and compassion, Trump has marched to a different drummer. He has deliberately and quite literally made a spectacle of himself, relentlessly pursuing the public spotlight at every opportunity, often with little regard for, or apparent awareness of, the actual impressions he leaves. It is from this rich public record that his profilers will begin to assemble their Trump dossiers.

Let’s imagine the process of how a useful psychological profile is created. There are basically three steps.

  • First you want to determine what drives the target. What are his observed needs, desires, and ultimate goals in life? How does he define success for himself?
  • Second, you want to understand how he consciously sees himself, and how he expects others to see him. This gives you the insights you need to manipulate and control him, flatter and disarm him, and make him compliant to your needs and purposes.
  • Third, and most challenging, you need to have a working model of his unconscious drives and impulses. You want to know the landscape of unconscious biases, fears, and motivations that shape and drive his conscious goals, expectations, and self-image. This is where the real opportunity for leverage can be found, because by pulling these strings, you can manipulate him in ways that are invisible to his conscious mind.

For convenience and navigation, this post is divided into five parts:


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