Manipulating Trump

Trump’s Tower of Vulnerability – Part 5

Trump’s psychological profile points to several ways in which he can be manipulated to meet the purposes of others, adversaries or allies. Tactics of manipulation can be divided along two general paths, depending on the aim of the potential influencers – whether they want to get Trump to help them or to damage himself. Many actors with many varied interests and motives – individuals, domestic groups, or foreign governments – may want to pursue either of these paths for different reasons. Continue reading


Predicting Trump

Trump’s Tower of Vulnerability – Part 4

The true test of a psychological profile is how well it can predict future behavior. If the diagnosis of Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder is accurate, profilers will conclude that the crippling demands of his narcissism will impose very rigid limits on the range of behavioral responses available to him. This is because narcissistic behavior is driven by internal needs, which are constant and unrelenting, rather than external circumstances, which by necessity change rapidly and require different responses in different situations. Continue reading

The Psychological Roots of Narcissism

Trump’s Tower of Vulnerability – Part 3

Having identified narcissism as the key to Donald Trump’s behavioral patterns and self-image, profilers will want to dig deeper to identify the underlying sources of his narcissism. From this deeper analysis they will be able to identify the buttons they can press to activate or suppress different aspects of his narcissism and thereby manipulate his behavior in favor of their own needs and purposes. Continue reading

Unconscious Trump

Trump’s Tower of Vulnerability – Part 2

Having documented Trump’s conscious goals, self-image, and expectations of others, the profiler is ready to dig deeper. When conscious beliefs and behavior are contradictory, self-defeating, or excessively emotional, rational explanations at the conscious level, citing logic and cost-benefit calculations, are inadequate. The profiler must necessarily turn to the unconscious, where the target’s inaccessible drives, needs, biases,  wounds, and fears operate to direct and shape their conscious choices, actions, and sense of self. Continue reading

Donald Trump’s Tower of Vulnerability – Introduction

Intelligence agencies all over the world, both allies and adversaries, are putting the final touches on their psychological profiles of the next new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Dossiers are being prepared, public and clandestine information sources are being combed and collated, and leaders are being briefed by their best psychological profilers. What are they being told? Continue reading