Who Ya Gonna Believe? Me or Documented Reality?

mad-trumpWe are about to launch into a new episode of “He Said, He Said,” as deep thinking pundits and talking heads attempt to decide whether to believe the word of President of the United States Donald Trump or that of former Director of the FBI James Comey.

The latter is a distinguished law enforcement professional who apparently takes extensive notes to make sure he remembers the facts of every encounter correctly. The former changes his stories faster than mothers change their babies’ diapers.

As a public service to those who might be weighing the question of which of these men to believe, I herewith provide a short list of recent press articles that discuss the truthfulness propensities of each. Continue reading


Trump at 100: What does the polling really mean?


Recently, there has been a lot of commentary (examples here and here) and quite a bit of hand-wringing about the fact that Trump voters seem to be sticking by him, despite his epic failure after 100 days to provide anything close to a legislative win, any tangible progress on any of his signature campaign promises, or indeed, any tangible evidence that he has the slightest idea what he is doing.

Pollsters and pundits seem to be interpreting these findings as a kind of insane loyalty to a man who, by every behavioral indication, has already sold out his electoral constituency, with absolutely no remorse – or perhaps even awareness – about doing so. Continue reading

Are Congressional Reps ready to pull the plug on crazy Donald Trump?

In mid-December, I predicted that Congressional Republicans would continue to put up with the embarrassment of Donald Trump until they got the two things they cared about most: a pro-business, anti-regulation Supreme Court pick and another massive tax cut for their super-rich benefactors. Faced with daily reminders of Trump’s abject unfitness for the Presidency, they appeared to be hanging on to the 2012 guidance of their spiritual leader Grover Nordquist: Continue reading

Andrew Sullivan on the madness of King Donald

Andrew published a brilliant “diary” in New York Magazine this morning that I hope gets read far and wide. It is a meditation on how it feels to watch a crazy person close up, when every fiber of your rational being wants to scream “he can’t really be crazy, there must be some strategy behind his apparent craziness.” You keep grasping at straws that will allow you to wiggle out from under the “crazy” explanation, but you just can’t find one. Yet your mind still rebels from the necessary conclusion. And this produces a kind physical sickness, a mental miasma you just can’t shake. And that’s exactly where so many of us are today. And Andrew captures all this beautifully. Continue reading

Why the Senate could not find one more Republican vote against Betsy DeVos

Republicans have always been good at discipline. Right now they are being assaulted by an angry public on all sides and their only defensive strategy is to huddle together and wait for the storm to blow over. They allowed Collins and Murkowski to have their little rebellion, because they knew they could absorb it. But the next defector would have mattered greatly. And they kept their gang in line. Continue reading

Comment on David Brooks, “The Republican Fausts”

A response to this column by David Brooks, published January 31, 2017.

“The deal they’ve struck with the devil comes at too high a price. It really will cost them their soul.”

David, you make one small error in your analogy. These Fausts created the devil they now face. Thirty years of radical anti-Americanism, bigotry, racism, violating one norm of governance after another, suppressing the vote of those who might disagree with them, sending our economy to the brink of collapse, never deviating from obstructing a President who still managed to pull us out of the financial catastrophe they created, and of course pursuing at all costs any policy to increase economic inequality at the expense of our working and middle classes. The net result? President Donald J. Trump.

Republicans, before you can lose your soul, you have to have one.

The Mystery of Trump, Russia, and the Stolen American Presidency

Behind the avalanche of terrible policies and indignities being inflicted on the nation by Donald Trump and his minions, three festering question remain unanswered:

  • Why did Donald Trump so strenuously refuse to accept the judgment of the American intelligence community that Russia had intervened in the American Presidential election to help him win?
  • Why does Trump still resist establishing an independent investigation to clear up allegations that his campaign may have colluded with the Russians in this attack?
  • Why has Trump made statements and taken actions that consistently align with the interests of Russia, at the expense of longstanding traditions and policies of the United States and its allies?

Continue reading